Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Make Your Penis Bigger - I Thought it Was a Joke But it Seems You Can Increase Penis Size Naturally

How does it make you feel that the majority of women prefer a guy who is well endowed? Most women will feel that a man with a bigger manhood is undoubtedly better in bed! This doesn't do a lot for your self confidence if you have a small member. If only you could make your penis bigger!

As someone who used to have what I liked to call an "underdeveloped manhood", I would try and convince myself and others, that it's not the size of the package, but what you do with it! However, this didn't stop the feelings of embarrassment whenever I had to strip naked in front of a woman.

I am here to tell you it is indeed possible to make your penis bigger. I must admit I am a complete nervous wreck whenever it comes to anything that involves pain, so that meant there was no chance of me ever considering surgery. The stories I have heard about pills, weights and extenders were enough to put me off. So the only option I was left with was to exercise to increase my penis size naturally.

Of course, when I first heard about exercising to increase penis size naturally I thought it was a big joke. However, after studying this subject for a few weeks and reading many positive reviews and testimonials I decided to give it a go. I must say that I was very surprised at the results!

Exercise can indeed make your penis bigger, but I must stress it is not for those of you who are impatient or cannot dedicate enough time to it. Sure when you first start out, you only need to exercise for a few minutes a day and you may even notice an increase in penis size within a few weeks. However, as your manhood becomes more used to certain exercises, you will need to work-out with far more intensity and indeed increase your exercise time.

As with any form of exercise, the main intention of a penis work-out is to break down the cells contained within the areas of smooth muscle within your manhood. You are also looking to stretch the ligaments and force far more blood into your member than you usually do. The cells will repair themselves during your rest periods and eventually grow back larger. This is how exercising will make your penis bigger!

One of easiest exercises for you to try is the following simple stretch. However, I cannot stress enough that you should always warm up first and definitely follow a reputable exercise program. You need your manhood to be 50%-75% erect. Grasp your member just below the head and pull out straight in front of you. You want to feel a tight stretch, but definitely no pain! Hold in this position for one minute and then relax. Repeat the exercise by pointing your manhood up, down and to either side for a minute each time.

This is one of the most basic stretches. However in order to get a full exercise routine to increase penis size, follow a reputable exercise program as I have suggested.

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