Monday, 5 April 2010

5 Reasons Proving Exercise Will Not Only Make Your Penis Bigger But Can Also Make You a Better Lover

Most guys turn to exercise to naturally increase their penis size. However, were you aware that many of the exercises you perform are actually training you to become to far better lover? Let's face facts, the number one reason to exercise is to make your penis bigger, but who wouldn't want to be better between the sheets!

1) Learn how to cure and prevent impotence - Impotence can take over a man's life. The constant humiliation and embarrassment of not being able to get erect can be a problem of the past. These exercise will teach you how to get an erection literally on demand.

2) End the nightmare of premature ejaculation - Not only can exercising increase your penis size naturally, it will train you have more control. I was often told in order to last longer in bed, I should spend more time on foreplay. However, I often found that I was so aroused after foreplay that I couldn't last longer than a few seconds of full intercourse. This is no longer a problem.

3) Exercising will make your penis bigger, but can also correct a curvature of the manhood. A large percentage of guys have a "strange" curvature of the penis. Once this has been straightened out through exercise, you are far more likely to be within reach of the holy grail that is the g-spot. You could literally show your lover a few tricks that she never thought were ever possible.

4) Learn to ejaculate further - I guess you thought the guys ejaculating a few feet in the porn movies was a trick of the camera. Exercising to make your penis bigger will make your member so much stronger and fitter. Believe me when I say you could give the guys in the movies a run for their money!

5) The confidence you will get from exercising to increase your penis size naturally is phenomenal. Being a better lover is probably 80% confidence and the rest is size and technique. A small manhood will always effect a guy's performance. However, once you make your penis bigger a lack of confidence will soon become a thing of the past. You now know that you have a manhood you can be proud of!

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