Saturday, 3 April 2010

Increase Penis Size Naturally - 8 Harsh and Shocking Reasons Why You Need to Get a Bigger Penis!

I would say that over 90% of guys would love to get a bigger penis. This is supported by the fact the penis enlargement industry is now a worldwide multi-billion dollar industry. There are numerous ways and means to get a massive manhood, however, i am a strong supporter of using more natural ways to increase penis size.

Penile exercising may take longer than many of the other better advertised ways to get a bigger penis, but it is the safest, cheapest and most likely to work. In this article i would like to discuss the reasons that most men feel the need to get a bigger penis.

1) The average sized penis is said to be 6.5 inches, however, proper scientific research puts it to nearer 5.9 inches. How do you measure up to the average size? Having said that, what man wishes to be merely average?

2) Three-quarters of women would love their partner to get or have a bigger penis.

3) Durex compiled a global sex survey. One of the most stunning answers was that the majority of women would rather go out with friends than have sex.

4) Not only will exercising increase penis size naturally, it can also help to cure premature ejaculation. Did you know that the majority of men cannot last longer than 3 minutes while having full intercourse? Do you really believe that is long enough to satisfy your partner?

5) 49% of women have admitted to faking orgasms most of the time when having sex. How does that you make your feel? Exercising to get a bigger penis will do much to improve your confidence and technique as a lover.

6) It is estimated that in excess of 100 million guys will suffer from impotence at one time or another in their life. Exercising can not only naturally increase penis size, it will teach you techniques to literally produce an erection at the drop of a hat!

7) 96% of guys are unable to ejaculate further than a couple of inches. The scenes from a porn film are not made up, it is actually possible to ejaculate a few feet. Learn to increase your penis size naturally with exercises and learn to "orgasm like a porn star"!

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  1. "96% of guys are unable to ejaculate further than a couple of inches."

    That is soooo true! I laugh everytime i see those small shooters trying to do something with it. :-P

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