Sunday, 4 April 2010

Make Your Penis Bigger - The Pros and Cons of Exercising to Increase Your Penis Size Naturally!

Who else want's to make their penis bigger? If you're reading this, I guess you do! Well there's no need to feel embarrassed or ashamed as I would hazard a guess that an extremely high percentage of guys would love to get a bigger penis. Those of you who know me will know that I am a great supporter of exercising to increase penis size naturally. However, this remarkable way to make your penis bigger may not be suited to everyone. In this article I would like to point out both the pros and cons of exercising to increase penis size.

The Cons of exercising to make your penis bigger

- As you are well aware there is literally so much information available about how to get a bigger penis, it would probably take you a whole lifetime to read it. Unfortunately, however, this doesn't mean all the information available is good. I have come across articles and even whole websites that are dedicated to exercising to increase penis size naturally, but some of the advice offered is not great and can even be considered dangerous. Always make sure you follow a reputable program if you wish to start exercising as this will ensure that you are well informed and able to avoid injury.

- If you are looking to create a massive manhood within days or even weeks, then exercising is not for you. This requires patience, dedication and plenty of time. You may not notice any sizable gains for a number of months and you will often hit a plateau. Penis growth seems to happen in stages and as long as you keep up with the exercise regime you can expect growth spurts. But rather than looking at this as a "one-off", you should consider exercising to get a bigger penis as a lifestyle change.

- Finally there is a chance of injury when exercising your member. However, I must state this is the main is due to guys not following instructions or trying to increase the amount of exercise they do to speed up results. The point is to start out slowly and acclimatise your manhood to exercise. After this, you can look to slowly increase intensity and your exercise time.

The Pros of exercising to naturally increase your penis size

- Exercising can help you to a longer, thicker, stronger and healthier penis.

- Certain exercises will help you to improve your stamina, thus allowing you to last longer in bed

- You will learn the art of producing an erection on demand. So no more embarrassing moments!

- Once you make your penis bigger, this will not only do wonders for your sex life and the way that a potential lover views you, but you will feel far more confident.

- The increased blood circulation can help to combat any future prostrate problems. Therefore, you could say exercising to get a bigger penis can actually help you live longer!

- You will find that you are able to ejaculate much more and much further. This is due to an overall increase in strength of your manhood.

- All of these things added together will make you a far better lover. However, I must stress this will mainly be from an increased level of inner confidence and satisfaction about your size.

So as you can see if you exercise to make your penis bigger (and do it correctly), the pros far out-weigh the cons!

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