Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Enlarge Penis Naturally - Exposed! Stretch Your Manhood But Watch Out For "Turkey Neck" Scrotum!

Most people think the idea of getting a bigger penis is absolutely ridiculous. If you were to ever speak to those in the medical profession, they would tell you the only way to get a bigger penis is through surgery. However, I'm here to tell you this is a myth and you can in actual fact enlarge your penis naturally.

I have often written and spoken about the effects of exercising your penis to stimulate growth. Today I want to concentrate on the exercises you should perform to get a LONGER penis and the things to look out for.

If you have previously read any penis enlargement articles, you may well have come across exercising the corpus cavernosum to get a bigger penis. The reasoning behind this is, through exercise the corpus cavernosum will actually expand to hold more blood. Although this is a fantastic exercise to enlarge your penis naturally, it's not the only one.

Another great way to enlarge the penis naturally is through stretching of the suspensory and fundiform ligaments. If you hold your penis by the head and then pull down, you will feel the stretch in your suspensory ligament. This ligament is actually located along the base of the upper part of the penis. You can tell exactly where this ligament is, by locating it with your free hand while your penis is pulled down.

Your fundiform ligaments are located on either side of the penis. You can work these ligaments by stretching the penis to one side and then the other. The main advantages of stretching these ligaments is that you should start to notice results fairly quickly and they are possibly some of the easiest penis exercises to complete.

There can be disadvantages to stretching your penis ligaments if not done correctly. I will note these below and the solutions:-

- Through regular penis ligament stretching, you may begin to notice that your erection is at a lower angle. To overcome this you should exercise your PC muscle as well. This is as simple as squeezing the muscles you use to stop yourself urinating. Try squeezing these muscles for 10-20 seconds at a time and repeat 3-5 times a day.

- Ligament stretching can produce unsightly hair growing along the shaft of your penis! The reason for this is as you stretch your ligaments you are pulling the skin from the base of your penis up higher. So unfortunately, often the hair will follow the skin further up your shaft. The best way to overcome this is by holding the base of your penis and stretching the skin just above your hand for 10 minutes a day. Hair on the shaft is mainly a problem if you have been circumcised.

- Trying to enlarge your penis naturally can have some other effects! Due to the stretching of the skin, you may sometimes notice you get a "turkey neck" scrotum. This is for much the same reason as hair growth on the shaft. Just ensure that after your ligament stretches you stretch the skin on the scrotum nearest to the base of the penis and this should should never be a problem!

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