Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Enlarge Your Penis Naturally With This Stunning Exercise - Discover How to Make Your Penis Thicker!

If you have ever followed an exercise program to enlarge your penis naturally, you will notice that the first few weeks concentrate on increasing penis length. This is because the exercises required to increase girth are not for beginners to this form of penis enlargement! Once you have practiced and mastered the basic exercise techniques, only then can you learn how to make your penis thicker.

Before I explain how to make your penis thicker, let's look at the science behind it first!

To make the penis thicker you will need expand the large erectile tissues known as the corpus cavernosa. To accomplish this more blood needs to be forced into these tissues whenever you get an erection. The most basic exercise to help stimulate this additional blood flow is jelqing. However today i would like to introduce you to another exercise to make your penis thicker.

If you are new to penis exercising, i would suggest that you research further into this fantastic natural way to enlarge the penis. Always ensure that your member is warmed up before you start a routine. The easiest method is to wrap a warm, moist towel (run it under a hot tap and squeeze out the water) around your penis for a few minutes. Also never ever be too rough with your manhood. All the exercises require you to be firm in your grip and squeeze, but not so much that you will cause yourself an injury.

The following exercise is named after the person who invented it - Ulistretch!

The "Uli" - This is mainly to add girth to upper shaft. NOTE: Be careful with exercises to make your penis thicker. If you only do Uli's and no other girth exercise, you stand the chance of getting the "baseball bat effect"! Thicker at the top than the base.

You should be around 75% erect and grasp your manhood with an OK-style grip (Thumb and forefinger touching and creating a circle). Get as close to the base of your penis as possible and then slowly wrap your other fingers around your manhood and squeeze firmly. This will push far more blood into your upper shaft and head, thus making the head swell up and shiny.

You should then hold this squeeze for 10 seconds and then relax. To complete the routine repeat this twice more. Eventually you will want to build up to 3 sets of 60-75 second squeezes! However, please resist the temptation to start jumping too far ahead, too soon. Yes this is a very simple routine to make your penis thicker, however, by rushing and not allowing your manhood time to acclimatize to exercise, you risk serious injury!

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