Monday, 9 November 2009

Penis Enhancement Surgery - What's Actually Involved If You Wish to Increase Penis Size Via Surgery?

Just the words "Penis Enhancement Surgery" send a cold shiver down my spine! However, if I am to be fair, when discussing the ways to increase penis size, I guess I need to talk about penis enhancement surgery too! It seems that surgery isn't as scary a prospect to many others as it is to me. I recently came across a survey that revealed that 40% of the men questioned would consider cosmetic surgery on their manhood!

So what does penis enhancement surgery involve?

There are 2 separate procedures - one to increase the girth of the penis and another to increase length. It may be of little surprise to you that most men opt for both procedures at the same time!

To increase the girth of your penis, fat cells are usually taken from your abdomen and injected directly into your member. This will help to "bulk up" your penis and can increase the girth by 1-3 inches. However, there are numerous drawbacks to this surgical procedure. The fat that is injected can feel soft to touch, you can compare it to a woman's breast tissue.

In addition to this many patients have noticed that their increase in girth disappears after a while! This is due the fat cells being reabsorbed back into the body! Unfortunately, this has been known to leave the penis looking uneven and lumpy.

Next in your bid to increase your penis size by surgery we must tackle length. There is a section of tissue in the penis called the corpora cavernosa. This is the tissue that fills with blood. Usually the corpora cavernosa actually extends from the penis back into the body.

To lengthen the penis, the suspensory ligament must be cut. This in turn will release the part of the corpora cavernosa that is "hidden" inside" the body. One of the main complaints many men have about this procedure is, yes it definitely increases penis size, however not as most men would wish. You see this procedure can greatly increase the size of the flaccid penis, but will only show a small increase in your erect penis size.

One of the major side effects of penis enhancement surgery is the problems caused by the suspensory ligament no longer being attached to the body. You see this ligament's main job is to hold the penis in place while erect. However without the aid of the suspensory ligament, the penis literally has nothing to hold it in place. During sex this may cause the penis to shift about or even point downwards instead of up.

Surgery is becoming more advanced with each day and if you'll pardon the pun, many of these problems have been straightened out! However, and this is just my personal opinion - Surgery never has been and never will be for me. Perhaps it's a fear thing more than anything else. However, the more natural ways to increase penis size have always been far more appealing to me!

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