Monday, 23 November 2009

Enlarge Penis Naturally - Finally Dispelling the Greatest Myth Ever About Natural Penis Enlargement

Exercising your manhood seems to currently be one of the top ways to enlarge your penis naturally. However, this common practice amongst guys who wish to increase their penis size is often laughed upon and ridiculed. So-called experts will tell you that you can't increase penis size through exercise as the penis isn't a muscle. This theory is also supported in a book i recently read by author Rachel Swift!

However i'm here to tell that this is one of the biggest myths ever about increasing penis size and that fact is even supported by scientific evidence. Just because the penis doesn't have the same kind of conventional muscle as say your biceps, that doesn't mean it cannot be exercised to grow in size.

Your body has 3 kinds of muscle. Firstly, are the one's we all know about - the skeletal muscles. These are the one's you use when you exercise at the gym. Next is the cardiac muscle, which is, of course, your heart and finally we have smooth muscle. Smooth muscle is found in your blood vessels and also your organs. Would you believe that the penis is actually made up of approximately 50% smooth muscle?

Although the 3 have their essential differences, they are all made up from proteins. If you place both the skeletal and smooth muscles under stress, for example - exercise, they will both grow. A study to prove how alike these two were took a penis enlargement patient and injected skeletal muscles directly into his penis. The result - his erections became far stronger and harder.

The muscles in the penis are very different from the other smooth muscles found in your organs. They actually spend most of their time contracted in the penis. When they relax, the penis fills up with blood forcing the muscles to expand.

You will find that the amount of smooth muscle varies from man to man, some men may have well in excess 50% in their penis, while others barely have 25%. It will be of no surprise, the older you get, the amount of muscle your penis has decreases. A recent study published in the International Journal Of Impotence Research found that men aged under 40 had approximately 45% of muscle in their penis. This reduced to 41% for those aged 41-60. The over 60's showed as little as 33%.

So just as with your skeletal muscles, it actually makes perfect sense to ignore the myth surrounding exercising your penis to increase size. You should find that by carrying out a sensible exercise routine you may be able to dramatically enlarge your penis naturally!

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