Saturday, 21 November 2009

Enlarge Penis Naturally - Try These 3 Kegels For a Stronger, Harder Penis and Also to Last Longer!

As you may or may not be aware, I am a fan and a great believer of exercising to enlarge your penis naturally. Many men who have tried penis exercising have noticed significant gains in both length and girth. However, today I would like to concentrate on the "Kegel" exercise, which will promote harder and stronger erections and can also teach you how to last longer in the bedroom!
1) Once you have completed your normal exercise and stretching routine to enlarge your penis naturally you should then do kegels. The first kegel is as simple as stopping yourself urinating. Whenever you feel the call of nature, as you are urinating suddenly stop yourself half way through and hold for as long as possible. Then release the hold and start urinating again. Try this 3-5 times every time you visit the restroom

2) The second kegel exercise is the clench. Much the same as stopping yourself from urinating, you want to clench the PC muscle. This is exactly same muscle you use to stop yourself urinating. Aim for as many clenches as you can in a 20 second period. If you have never tried this exercise before, you may not be able to clench longer than a few seconds. Just keep repeating until the 20 seconds is up. Then rest for 10 seconds and repeat this 3-5 times. The stronger your PC muscle gets, the longer you should be able to clench for.

3) Your final exercise is the penis raise. To start with you may be best off doing this naked so that you can see the effect of the exercise. However, you can complete this exercise while fully clothed. Either sit or lie down and once again flex your PC muscles in an attempt make your penis move in some way. Once you have lifted or raised your penis, try and hold it in this position for as long as you can. Repeat this exercise several times throughout the day.

The reason I love these exercises is because so many men concentrate on getting a bigger penis, they often forget that improving your sexual prowess is just as important. Yes, there are certain ligament stretches and jelqing exercises you can do to get a bigger penis, but what use is that if you are unable to perform adequately.

So when you are trying to get a bigger penis, never forget your kegel exercises, which as I have mentioned will make your erections far stronger, far harder and you will also learn the important art of learning to control your ejaculations!

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