Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Enlarge Your Penis Naturally - But Get it Wrong and You're Left With a Bruised and Swollen Manhood!

While carrying out further research and investigations into natural ways to enlarge your penis, i came across a complaints and feedback page for a penis enlargement website. There were numerous disconcerted men complaining that by following the exercise routines recommended, they were left with bruised, battered and swollen penises.

However, upon closer inspection, it appears that the majority of these men contributed in a huge way to their own injuries. One of the most common exercises that is used the enlarge the penis naturally is the jelq. This exercise can be considered as a squeezing and pulling exercise, much the same way you would milk a cow! But you should always remember to be careful and not too heavy-handed, after all it is your own crown jewels that you are playing with here!

The men who had written in to complain or ask for advice about their injured members were given a very firm response. It appears that many had become impatient with the beginner's routine and wanted to ramp up their exercise routine in a bid to increase penis size quicker. So they were basically asked to perform 50 repetitions per day of a certain exercise for the first 4 weeks, but decided to double that up to 100 reps. This is a bit like thinking that you can easily perform 10 reps of a 200lb bench press, so you decide to immediately jump to trying a 400lb press. You're going to get injured!

The main advice offered by the website was to appreciate that an increase in penis size through exercise is not an overnight thing. Much the same as any exercise program. You have to start out slow and build yourself up. Once your muscles and body become used to an exercise routine, it is time to make it a little more difficult and steadily increase the difficulty over time!

Some of the best penis exercise programs i have come across work on these sound principles. The problem being is that your penis is probably one of the only body parts that you have never ever exercised. OK, we can't really count having sex! So if you are going to start an exercise program to enlarge your penis naturally, you will obviously want to start out slow and build yourself up!

So what were the most common complaints and how can you avoid these?

- Many men notice red spots appearing on the head of their penis after exercise. There is little you can do about these, but they are completely harmless. The red spots are very common amongst men who exercise their penises and are caused by the excessive compression of the penis. Try wrapping a warm towel around your manhood and massage regularly. Eventually the spots will just disappear.

- Some men found that after a bout of exercise that their manhood was covered in rashes. This is merely because there was a lack of lubrication. If you are going to complete a penis exercise routine, you must always make sure you have adequate lubrication. Try cocoa butter or a moisturizing cream.

- Bruising is another common complaint. This is mainly caused by just being too heavy-handed! If you are trying to increase penis size through exercising, just remember exactly what it is you are holding in your hands and exactly how precious it is to you! You will never enlarge your penis naturally through brute force.

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