Sunday, 8 November 2009

Enlarge Your Penis Naturally - What is Jelqing, How Does it Work and is Jelqing Actually Safe?

Jelqing is a form of repetitive penis exercise that is claimed to enlarge the penis naturally. It's name derives from the term milking, however, jelqing is also Persian slang for masturbation. This technique has supposedly been handed down from father to son throughout the Arab countries for many years as a natural way to increase penis size.

So what exactly is jelqing?

This exercise technique involves firstly warming up your manhood via the application of hot towels. You will then stretch and massage your member while having some form of lotion applied to your hands and penis. The most traditional way is with olive oil, but vaseline or baby lotion will suffice. You should then form an OK sign with your thumb and forefinger and squeeze gently along the shaft and thus forcing blood through your penile chambers and tissues.

How does Jelqing work?

The theory behind enlarging your penis naturally through jelqing involves forcing blood through the penile tissues. This additional build up of pressure serves to help these tissues expand beyond their usual limitations. This expansion happens after this technique stimulates the production of protein. As you should be performing these exercises with a semi-erect penis, the theory is the increased blood flow into a non-fully erect manhood should stimulate tissue growth.

Is jelqing safe to try?

I guess this depends on how well you follow instructions! Remember because you are increasing blood flow to internal tissues, a worst case scenario could produce burst blood vessels, the nerves may become detached and you can even rupture the tissues around your penis. So many men are that desperate to increase penis size, that they decide not to follow expert advice. This could involve being far too vigorous with your manhood or not allowing your self proper rest between exercise sessions.

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