Sunday, 3 January 2010

Enlarge Your Penis Naturally - 5 Things You Have to Know About Exercising to Increase Penis Size!

I'm sure by now you would of heard about exercising to enlarge your penis naturally. Perhaps you have read about it online, in a health magazine or even came across it on a late night TV advert. In this article i wish to introduce you to the basics of exercising to enlarge your penis naturally.

1) To see any real gains with penile exercises you must be 100% devoted. There is no room for slacking off and you MUST aim to perform the exercises 5 days a week. However, should you ever feel any discomfort or pain, please stop immediately. Remember the goal here is to increase penis size and not permanently injure your member!

2) The exercises you will perform will be applying tension to your manhood through pulling, stretching and bending movements. The aim here is to split the cells of the penis. Sounds painful, but don't worry it's not when done correctly. This is the same principle as body building. You work out to split the cells of your muscles and during your rest days they repair themselves and grow back bigger and stronger. However, should you ever go beyond the safe levels of splitting cells to allow them to heal naturally, you risk a distorted healing process. When it comes to penis exercising, this may mean a warped looking manhood, no gain in size and possible injury. So never ever overdo it!

3) As long as you perform the exercises to increase penis size correctly, you should start to notice gains in length and girth within a few weeks. Don't expect anything too dramatic, however, even a small gain is a step in the right direction. Also seeing that increase with your own eyes should definitely be all the encouragement you need to continue with your exercise routine.

4) Whenever you're performing a jelqing exercise to increase penis size always remember to use lubrication. Never use soap or shampoo as these will merely irritate the skin due the time and nature of your manhood workout. Using soap or shampoo will completely dry out the skin and cause it to crack and peel and don't get me started on the sting if it accidentally gets into your urethral opening! Vaseline is fine, but extremely messy and can also be too thick to perform many of the exercises at a fast enough speed! Baby oil is great to, but again very messy and can also stain. Your best bet - vaseline intensive care!

5) Always consult a urologist prior to starting any penile exercise program if you have a disease such as advanced diabetes, cirrhosis or a respiratory instability. In all honesty, if you do suffer with any of these things then exercising to naturally enlarge your penis is most probably not for you. So please ensure you do take medical advice.

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