Thursday, 21 January 2010

Enlarge Penis Naturally - New to Exercising to Increase Penis Size? The Important Questions Answered

As someone who is new to exercising to enlarge the penis naturally, I'm sure you have so many questions swirling around in your head. Perhaps you have previously tried other ways to get a bigger penis, but to no avail. In this article I wish to dispel any myths you may have about exercising to increase penis size and also to explain the science behind how to enlarge your penis naturally.

I have heard there are certain spongy tissues contained within the penis that can grow if stimulated through exercise, is this true?

The corpora cavernosa and corpus spongiosum are indeed spongy tissues. The idea behind exercise is that gradually over a period of time you can forcibly stretch the cell compartments of the penis to a larger than normal size.

I have heard that there are ligaments in the penis. Where are they?

Your penis is attached to the pubis via your suspensory ligament. It is actually this ligament that is severed during penis enlargement surgery, thus eventually giving you an increase in penis size!

Can stretching the ligaments actually help you get a bigger penis?

You have what is known as an "inner penis". By stretching the ligaments you can allow more of the inner penis to literally fall out of the body. By severing this ligament during surgery, you have the same effect. However, I'm sure many of you, like me, would like to avoid the costs, pain and potential side effects of surgery.

What is the tunica?

The tunica albuginea is a tough fibrous structure that surrounds the penis. You can almost view the tunica as a balloon. If you can continuously stretch and hyper-extend the tunica, this will allow the structures inside it to expand.

How important is what you eat to being able to get a bigger penis?

Well firstly the leaner you are, the larger your penis will appear anyway. Secondly, like any form of exercise you will require additional protein to grow bigger. So if you wish to enlarge your penis naturally, it's a good idea to eat a healthy well balanced diet and increase your intake of lean proteins such as skinless chicken, turkey, eggs, salmon, tuna and mackerel.

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