Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Increase Penis Size Naturally - The 4 Most Important Rules For Exercising to Make Your Penis Bigger

If you want to increase your penis size naturally then exercising is the cheapest and safest way to go in my opinion. I have never been a fan of any other method to make your penis bigger and have had relative success with exercising. However, for as many men who have managed to increase penis size naturally through exercise, there are equally as many men who have given up because they are unable to make their penis bigger. In this article I wish to introduce you to the most important aspects of exercising your penis.

1) As with any exercise routine, you should warm up before you begin. Many of the men who have given up on exercising to increase penis size claim that they have injured their manhood and will never trust this method ever again. Sadly, these are the same guys who are impatient and fail to follow the rules! You should always warm up your member first. Get the blood flowing and have your manhood primed and ready for its routine. My favourite way is to stuff some cooked rice into a sock and heat in the microwave. Allow a few minutes to cool down and you then have the perfect heating pad.

2) Never exercise your manhood when fully erect. This can lead to nerve damage or even burst blood vessels. The optimum level for exercise is to be 60%-75% erect. This allows a certain amount of blood in your manhood from the start and this will be increased from the stimulation you provide during exercise. You will also find that your manhood is far more flexible when NOT fully erect.

3) Always use lubrication. There is nothing worse, or indeed more painful than trying to make your penis bigger when you are completely dry. There have been numerous injuries, such as sores and blisters caused by a lack of lubrication. It also makes the exercise process much smoother. You can try baby oil or Vaseline, however these can be a little messy. My personal favourite is Vaseline intensive care.

4) Your grip needs to firm, but not so tight that you completely cut off the circulation in your member. In order to make your penis bigger you need to improve blood circulation throughout your manhood. Eventually this increased blood flow can force the cells to expand, which will naturally increase your penis size. However, if your grip is too tight, the blood will literally be forced into the penis and then immediately out. Being too firm can lead to bruising and numbness of the penis which can actually cause impotence.

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