Monday, 4 January 2010

Increase Your Penis Size - Would You Expect to Look Like Arnold After a Few Weeks in the Gym?

You will find there is masses of information available about how to increase penis size through exercise. For me personally, I truly believe that exercising is the best, safest and cheapest way to get a bigger penis. However, so many men become disheartened with this popular penis enhancement technique, that they often give up before seeing any significant results.

There are numerous penis exercise programs for you to choose from, but I think the main problem that most men suffer is IMPATIENCE! It's a little like going to the gym for the first time in your life and working out for a few weeks and then expecting to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger! It's never going to happen.

Much the same as exercising to increase your penis size, you need to show dedication, commitment and have a positive mental attitude. There is no part of your body that you can enhance naturally in size in a matter of weeks!

You will also find that a large number of men give up on exercising because of injury. This amazes me in itself. As a man your penis is probably your most treasured asset, so why would you treat it badly? In an attempt to increase penis size quickly, I have heard of many horror stories of men who have burst blood vessels, torn ligaments or badly bruised their manhood's. I think it should go without saying, that anything you do with your most prized possession requires care, attention and a gentle hand!

By exercising your penis, you will be performing a series of pulling, stretching and squeezing motions. Yes, you need to be firm, but always remember exactly what it is you are holding in your hands. By being impatient and aggressive, there will only ever be one outcome.

To get a bigger penis, I would recommend following a good exercise program that allows you build up strength and stamina first and then moves onto increasing size (very much like a new gym exercise regime). As with any exercise program, you are first breaking down cells and muscle tissue, which in turn allows them to grow back stronger and bigger. So as a beginner, I would never suggest "working out" for more than 10-15 minutes a day and 5 days a week. Whatever you do never overdo it!

If you perform the exercises correctly as set out in a good penis enlargement technique program you will start to notice that not only does your penis become thicker and longer - it will in fact improve all the functions performed by your manhood!

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