Monday, 4 January 2010

Enlarge Your Penis Naturally - The 7 Stunning Steps to the Perfect Jelq to Increase Penis Size!

Many men who practice jelqing exercises run the risk of injury because of a complete lack of correct information. There aren't that many of us who wouldn't like to increase penis size, however, too many men simply grab whatever information they find and go at it like there's no tomorrow! If you wish to enlarge your penis naturally, you must try to understand that this is something that requires perfect technique and a lot of patience.

1) Always warm up your manhood first. Warming up as often been compared with foreplay - if you take your time to get it right, you will achieve the desired results. However, just as with foreplay, many men decide this isn't all that important! The best ways to warm up your member before exercising is either wrapping a warm heating pad around your manhood. You may also consider wrapping a warm towel that has been dipped in hot water around your penis or even taking a hot shower and allowing the water to directly warm your penis. Whatever you decide, please spend at least 5 minutes on this stage.

2) Always use lubrication - the best forms of lubrication are either baby oil or vaseline.

3) You have to ensure the level of your erection is right before exercising. Never ever jelq with a full erection. You are more likely to cause yourself a serious injury rather than increase penis. Aim for an erection level of 60%-75%.

4) The basic grip for any jelqing exercise is known as the OK grip. You want to form a circle by touching your forefinger and thumb together. You then need to ensure you start each jelq with your OK grip as near to the pubic bone as possible.

5) Jelqing to enlarge your penis naturally involves applying a light pressure, which will effectively exercise the penile tissues. Each jelq should take up to 3 seconds and you should never jelq the head of your manhood.

6) When you have completed a jelq with one hand, immediately jelq your penis with other hand. I would advise that you don't complete more than 150-200 jelqs per session for the first month. Many men are tempted to jump ahead at this stage in the the belief that the more exercise they do, the quicker they will increase penis size! By jumping ahead the only thing you have heading your way is pain and injury!

7) Always remember, just as with any exercise program, if you are jelqing to enlarge your penis naturally you need rest. You should never jelq everyday and be aware that growth is actually stimulated during your resting periods. I would suggest that you aim for 4-5 days a week following a good jelqing exercise program. This gives your manhood the best opportunity to become fitter, healthier and most importantly larger!

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