Monday, 4 January 2010

Enlarge Penis Naturally - Exposed! Answering the 3 Most Common Questions About Penis Exercising

If you're anything like me, you're not brave enough to consider surgery to increase penis size. The stories I have seen and heard about pills and their side effects bother me...a lot! This is why i have always championed the more natural ways to enlarge your penis. Penis exercising is easily one of the most popular natural ways to increase penis size, however many men are left confused and cynical! Therefore, in this article i will attempt to answer some of the most common questions about penis exercising.

1) How does exercising actually work to enlarge your penis naturally?

For all you budding scientists, the ability to enlarge your penis naturally through exercise is supported by "Davis's Law"! Davis's law states that ligaments and other soft tissue can become longer by the addition of new material when put under continuous tension. Therefore, by practising certain exercises and specific routines you can put the ligaments and soft muscles tissue of your penis under enough tension to force them to grow and expand over time.

2) Is there a cut off point when exercising to increase penis size or can your manhood just keep getting bigger and bigger?

Much like most things in life, there is a point you will reach with penis exercising when you stop noticing any further improvement. However, from learning more about your ability to recover from exercise, trying your hand at more advanced techniques and upping the intensity, you should continue to see gains. You may hear many exaggerated stories, however, i am aware of many men who can boast an increase in penis size of 3-4 inches.

3) Can I injure myself through exercising to enlarge my penis naturally?

Just as with any exercise routine, there is always the chance of injury. When it comes to penis exercising most injuries come from not correctly following instructions or being too impatient with set routines. The idea behind penis exercising is to start slow and build yourself up.

You should always ensure you perform a proper warm-up and cool down. The easiest method for either is wrapping a warm towel around your manhood for a few minutes. Never be tempted to jump ahead when following a specific routine. It may seem easy to start with, but this is the whole point. You are conditioning your penis for what is to come!

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