Thursday, 7 January 2010

Increase Penis Size Naturally - 5 Super Reasons Why You Should Exercise to Make Your Penis Bigger!

One of the most ridiculed ways to make your penis bigger is exercising. It seems many of those in the medical profession would have every one believe that surgery is the only way to increase penis size. However, numerous scientific studies have proved beyond doubt that if you wish to increase penis size naturally, exercising is the best way to achieve this.

1) You may find a large number of people say that exercising to make your penis bigger is impossible because the penis isn't a muscle. However, several urological and impotence based investigations have shown that the penis is made up of approximately 50% smooth muscle. This will vary from man to man and will decrease with age, but this clearly shows that the penis is at least 50% muscle!

2) There are certain tissues in the penis that fill up with blood whenever you get an erection. Exercising your manhood involves forcing blood through these penile tissues, causing them to expand and contract. In order to make your penis bigger, this consistent action of expanding and contracting penile tissues will eventually help them grow past their previous limitations.

3) The reason certain tissues get bigger over time is because exercise produces protein. Proteins are the real building blocks of your body. The more protein you can produce the bigger you will get. This works for normal body exercises and wanting to get more muscular as well as for exercising your manhood to increase penis size.

4) Some men turn to surgery to get a bigger penis. Surgery involves cutting into the ligaments which then allows the penis to drop down. The "cut" is usually then covered with skin taken from your abdominal area. There are a few exercises to get a bigger penis which concentrate on stretching the 2 main ligaments in your member. Although it will take much more time than surgery, you can eventually stretch these ligaments through exercise to give you a longer penis. (Exercising is also be far less expensive and painful!)

5) Other men have turned to penile extenders and hanging weights off their manhood to make their penis bigger. Most penis extenders have to be worn throughout the day. Not very comfortable! As for weights, well i have heard far too many horror stories of burst blood vessels and nerve damage which may eventually lead to impotence. However, by using exercise to get a bigger penis, you are literally mimicking the movements of weights and extenders, but in a far safer way!

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