Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Increase Penis Length With Just Your 2 Hands - Get a Longer Penis With These 3 Sensational Stretches

If you were to ask a woman what they would like from a man's manhood, the majority would prefer a thicker penis. The reason for this is a thicker penis would take up more volume within a woman's vagina, thus stimulating more of an area. However us guys seem to be more interested in having a longer penis. I guess this is down to the majority of men believing the longer the member is, the more impressed a woman will be. In this article i would like to introduce you a more natural way to increase penis length.

There are numerous ways to increase penis length and i'm sure you have come across many of them before. However the most natural way to a longer penis will be by exercising your manhood with just your 2 hands.

Stretching is by far the best way to increase penis length. There are separate exercises to get a thicker penis and also to give you more stamina. There are many different stretches for you to try, but today i wish to discuss the 3 main stretching exercises that will give you a longer penis.

1) After you have warmed-up your manhood, grasp your shaft just below the head. Pull you penis out directly in front of you and hold for 5 minutes. Every minute try and stretch your member out a little further, but be careful not to strain yourself.

2) Your next exercise to get a longer penis involves stretching your manhood to the "4 corners of a square". For this exercise you need to pull your manhood to each of the 4 corners of an imaginary square. So your first stretch should be held for 60 seconds and pointing up diagonally to the left. Repeat by stretching your manhood up diagonally to the right for one minute. Finish off by stretching diagonally down to the left and right and once again hold each stretch for 60 seconds.

3) Your final stretches to increase penis length, involve pulling your member straight up and the straight down. At the top (or bottom) of the stretch you should twirl your manhood in a helicopter-blade like fashion. Not only will this movement help to increase penis length, it will help to stimulate blood flow throughout your manhood! Aim for 25 "spins" at both the top and the bottom.

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