Sunday, 3 January 2010

Get a Bigger Penis With These Stunning Strategies - 5 Killer Tips to Increase Your Penis Size!

No matter how much you obsess about how to get a bigger penis, thinking about it and not taking any action will get you nowhere. If you want to increase your penis size, there are certain things you can start doing today to help you achieve your goal.

1) Find a decent penile exercise program. You workout to get the rest of your body to tone up, get the blood pumping and to stimulate muscle growth. It's no different for your member. By following a professional male enhancement exercise program you can boost the penile soft muscle tissues and eventually increase penis size.

2) How to get a bigger penis in 10 seconds flat! Cut or shave your pubic hair. This will immediately give the impression that you have a longer manhood, now that it is not submerged under a bush of hair. Additionally, when performing certain pulling and stretching penile exercises you don't want to be yanking the hairs out!

3) Lose some weight. Did you know that for every 30 pounds you are overweight, you lose an inch in penis length! It astounded me too. I have heard much talk of the "inner penis", this is the part of your manhood that literally retracts back into the body from stress placed on it by surplus body fat. So if you want to get a bigger penis, make sure you aren't packing too many extra pounds.

4) Make sure you eat healthily and take your vitamins. Just as with any other exercise routine, your body needs to be at optimum level to be able to grow. Make sure you have a well balanced diet with the correct amounts of minerals, amino acids and vitamins. Keep yourself well hydrated by drinking plenty of water.

5) You have to believe! Your state of mind has a lot to do with any increase in penis size. If you don't believe penis exercising will work, the likelihood is it won't. Your subconscious will make exercising to get a bigger penis far more difficult. You should always have a positive mental attitude.

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