Sunday, 3 January 2010

Enlarge Your Penis Naturally - How Big Should I Expect to Get by Performing Penis Exercises?

If you wish to get a bigger penis, firstly you should know you are not alone. I would suggest that in excess of 90% of men are not satisfied with their penis size. Add to this that millions of men every year look for a permanent solution to get a bigger penis. I don't wish to tell you that pills, potions, creams and machines don't work, however i do have some very serious doubts about their effectiveness. Today i wish to discuss the effects of how to enlarge your penis naturally through exercise.

Your penis is made up of three individual chambers. These chambers are spongy tissues which absorb blood whenever you get an erection. If you perform certain exercises, these chambers can actually expand allowing them to hold more blood. The more blood the chambers can hold, the bigger your penis will be.

When you enlarge your penis naturally through exercise, you are actually looking to expand the penile tissues and make the ligaments more flexible. When you initially perform penile exercises, you should notice almost an immediate growth spurt within a few weeks. This is the same as someone working out at the gym for the first time in their life. If they follow a set exercise program and complete every move correctly, they will experience muscular growth.

Within the first month or two many men have noticed an increase in penis size of up to 1.5 inches when in it's flaccid state. This will translate to approximately an additional inch when erect. The rate at which you can get a bigger penis will largely depend on your own individual physiology and your current size. I would suggest that the normal rate at which to achieve an increase in penis size of an inch is around 90 days.

There are numerous exercises to enlarge your penis naturally for you to try. It's best to get a feel for what suits you best and which exercises you are most comfortable with. The average growth through penile exercises is around the 2 inch mark. You will usually hit a threshold, whereby no matter how much you exercise you will not experience any further growth. Unlike exercising any other body part, these gains will be permanent and will not be reversed. I have heard of people who have gained up to 3-4 inches through penis exercises, but i am yet to see any verifiable proof of this.

I believe the established record for an increase in penis size through exercise is approximately 5.5 inches! Yes you did read that right. However, the man in question also had enhancement surgery, so we are actually unsure of his results purely from exercise!

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