Sunday, 17 January 2010

Enlarge a Penis Naturally - 6 Negative Physiological Indicators to Spot When Exercising Your Manhood

There are certain signs you should look out for when exercising to increase penis size. Many of these signs indicate a positive effect on your member and the fact it is growing. However, in this article I wish to concentrate on the negative physiological indicators you should look out for when trying to enlarge your penis naturally through exercise.

1) The most obvious negative physiological indicator is a pain in your manhood. Many men start an exercise program to increase penis size and are not satisfied with the small and slow gains. They decide to literally take matters into their own hands and over-train. This will lead to pain and possible injury.

2) Most men wake up each morning with an erection. If you are exercising correctly, you should notice an increased amount of erections in the both the morning and at night. If the amount of erections has decreased, this could be the first sign of a problem.

3) By over training you may notice that your erections are not as hard as they once were. Remember you are exercising to enlarge your penis naturally, you are not trying to injure it permanently. If you do notice a decreased amount of erections, lay off the exercise for a while until things return to normal.

4) You may experience a numbness in your manhood if you are training too much. Exercise to increase penis size is all about the feelings you have in your member. Feeling numb is a very negative sign and can lead to further complications.

5) Many men will suffer with discoloration of their manhood when exercising to increase penis size. This is simply a sign that you are being too firm with your member. Please give a little thought to exactly what you are holding in your hands. Yes you need a firm grip when exercising your penis, but not so tight that you cut off the blood circulation.

6) The final negative physiological indicator when exercising to enlarge your penis naturally is your worst nightmare. As a result of over training and being too firm with your manhood, many men notice a loss of size in their penis. If this persists for more than a day, then STOP! Take some time out from your exercise routine and when you start again, ensure that you have learnt from your past mistakes!

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