Sunday, 3 January 2010

Make Your Penis Bigger - Top 5 Warm-Ups to Perform Prior to Exercising to Increase Penis Size!

Although exercising seems to be one of the most popular methods to make your penis bigger, it doesn't come without it's dangers. Sure exercising to increase penis size is far safer than surgery, pills or hanging weights off your member, but there is still a chance of injury. Just as with working out any other part of your body, many men choose to ignore warming up prior to starting their exercises. Please remember exactly what it is you are holding in your hands and use one of the following warm-up routines prior to exercising your manhood.

1) Heating pad - You can use a conventional heating pad to warm up your manhood. They are available from most electrical retailers and cost in the region of $15. Simply plug in the heating pad, make sure you have it set at a comfortable temperature and wrap around your penis. Then sit back and relax for 10-15 minutes.

2) Hot wrap - this seems to be the most popular way to warm-up prior to exercising to make your penis bigger. Quite simply soak a cloth or small towel in hot water and then wrap around your manhood. As the towel cools down, soak in hot water again and re-apply to your penis. You should spend approximately 5 minutes doing this.

3) Oil rub - This method involves heating baby oil in a microwave or hot water. Check it isn't scalding hot and when you have achieved the desired temperature, massage your manhood with the oil. You can spend 5 minutes doing this.

4) Your next warm-up prior to exercising to increase penis size is the simplest of them all. Take a shower or hot bath and allow the water directly at your manhood for approximately 5 minutes.

5) The final method to warm-up your manhood is the one that i use. Fill up a sock with cooked rice and heat in the microwave. Once again, before applying the sock to your penis, check it isn't boiling hot. The reason i use the sock method is because the heat seems to stay for a longer period of time.

Exercising to make your penis bigger is the safest and simplest way to increase penis size, but it still has it's complications. Many men give up on exercising because of injury. However this is nearly always due to them not following a set warm-up routine!

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