Sunday, 3 January 2010

Enlarge Your Penis Naturally - 7 Stunning Reasons Why You Really Should Exercise Your Manhood!

Probably the best known method to enlarge your penis naturally is through exercise. However, exercising your manhood is so much more than just size. In this article i would like to introduce you to the many results you can expect from exercising to increase penis size.

1) It is reported that the possible increase in penis size from exercising is 1-4 inches. This is length and girth. I would suggest that a far more realistic maximum increase would be in the region of 2.5-3 inches. However, results will vary based on your initial size and how much effort you put in.

2) By following a regular exercise routine you will gain a far fitter, muscular and attractive looking penis. This will allow you to have rock hard erections each and every time. There is not much point in having a larger manhood if it is unable to "perform".

3) You can master the art of getting an erection on demand. How many of you have suffered the excruciating embarrassment of your member not doing what you want to to do? You can learn how to control your ejaculations and even have multiple orgasms

4) Exercising will not only increase your penis size, the increased blood flow through your manhood can also help to cure impotence and even help you to stronger ejaculations. It is amazing to think that most men cannot ejaculate further than a few inches. Nothing like what we are lead to believe by watching certain movies!

5) Exercising to enlarge your penis naturally is not like exercising any other body part. The gains you enjoy will be PERMANENT! Each time you get an erection, blood will fill the chambers in penis to their maximum capacity. So as long as you are maintaining regular erections, you have no worries about a decrease in size!

6) The increased blood flow throughout your penile region will do much to prevent any possible prostrate problems. This in turn can actually, believe it or not, add a few years to your life. If you know of anyone who has suffered or does suffer with prostate problems, you know just how awful this can be!

7) Following an exercise routine to enlarge your penis you will naturally feel more confident. No matter how much we hate to admit it, size does matter, so an increase in penis size will do a lot for your mental state and confidence levels.

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