Monday, 4 January 2010

Discover How to Get a Thicker Penis - Enlarge Your Penis Naturally With the Horse440 Squeeze

I would like to introduce you to a new exercise today that will help you get a thicker penis. You should be aware that when practising exercises to enlarge your penis naturally, you will find that most manhood exercise programs concentrate on increasing length first. This is due to the more advanced nature of exercises to get a thicker penis. I would suggest that you follow a sensible exercise regime or program for a few weeks first prior to starting with girth exercises.

The exercise i would like to show you today is called the "Horse440 squeeze". Believe it or not the exercise is named after the inventor! I know, it made me giggle a little too! As with any exercise routine that involves the penis, you need to be firm, but CAREFUL! Please remember that this is your most prized possession you are holding in your hands. Never be too rough or hard as you risk serious injury!

Horse440 Squeeze - Get your penis to approximately 75%-80% erect. Then hold your manhood in the OK grip (forefinger and thumb together creating an "O" shape) as close to the base of the shaft as possible. You then need to flex your PC muscle - imagine you are trying to stop yourself urinating. Then wrap the rest of your fingers around your manhood and squeeze - remember not too hard!

This should cause the head of the penis to swell up and become shiny. You then need to gently squeeze the head of the penis until eventually all the blood from the head has gone to the shaft. You should feel a really intense sensation while doing this and the veins on your penis should literally pop out! Your penis should eventually become very dark from all the blood flowing throughout the shaft. Don't panic as this is a great sign - the exercise is doing it's job! Once all the blood is in the shaft area of the penis, hold for 10-15 seconds. As you become more experienced with this exercise, aim for a longer holding time.

As long as you follow these instructions to the letter, you are well on your way to getting a thicker penis. If you are overly aggressive with your manhood while completing this exercise, you may notice your penis goes cold or even black. This is NOT good, you should immediately stop!

I cannot stress enough that exercising, in my opinion, is the number one way to enlarge your penis naturally, however, too many willing men are far too enthusiastic and impatient. You will not get a thicker or longer penis overnight, this takes time, effort and dedication.

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