Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Increase Penis Size Naturally - Is it Actually Possible to Get a Bigger Penis Without Surgery?

One of the things that annoys me most is self-proclaimed "experts" saying that it is not possible to increase penis size naturally. These so called experts will tell you that the only way to get a bigger penis is through surgery. Penis enlargement surgery involves cutting into the ligaments that attach your member to the pubis. However, the one thing that you may not be aware of is the post-surgical methods required.

Surgery alone will not increase penis size. After surgery you will need to go through a period of hanging weights off your manhood. If you choose not to do this, you will NOT get a bigger penis! Additionally, I have heard of many of these "experts" claiming there is no scientific evidence to show that you can increase penis size naturally.

However, the first scientific study that proved it is possible to increase penis size through natural methods was discovered by Dr Robert Chartham. Dr Chartham proved back in the 1960's it is indeed possible to get a bigger penis through exercise. He cited the most and least effective ways of super-sizing your manhood!

Why would you want to go through extremely costly surgery, when you can stretch the ligaments naturally yourself? Cutting into the penile ligaments can cause a droopy erection and at worst can cause erectile dysfunction. A fantastic example to prove that you can naturally stretch the ligaments within the body is provided by the Giraffe Women of Myanmar.

The women are known for their extremely elongated necks. Usually from an early age, the women wrap metal coils around their necks. The coils serve to push down the collarbone and stretch the overall structure of the neck. There have been reports that some of these women have necks as long as 10 inches!

Countless men have managed to get a bigger penis through exercising their member with just their two hands...and finally SOME experts are happy to admit that it is indeed possible to increase your penis size naturally without having to resort to surgery.