Monday, 25 January 2010

Increase Penis Size Naturally - The Sensational 3 S's You Can Expect When You Exercise Your Penis!

Do you exercise your penis? If not, why not? I would hazard a guess that you keep in shape and regularly add body muscle mass from working out at the gym. Well it's no different for your manhood. If you wish to increase penis size naturally, then it's time for you to give your member a workout. In this article I would like to introduce you to what i like to call the 3 S's. These are the main benefits you can expect when you exercise your penis.

1) Size - the most obvious reason for you to exercise your penis is to increase penis size. The main chambers of your manhood (which hold blood during an erection) can actually be expanded with regular exercise over time. The penis is in actual fact made up of approximately 50% smooth muscle. So by putting your member under certain levels of stress can have exactly the same impact as exercising any other body part. The cells will break down under stress, however during rest days, they will quickly repair themselves and grow back bigger!

2) Strength - Many of the exercises you put your penis through will gradually build up immense strength in your manhood. This can help to cure impotence and you should literally be able to produce an erection on demand. (So no more embarrassing and humiliating moments for you to suffer!) Your penis being stronger will also have a remarkable effect on your sexual prowess. A harder, more muscular manhood will do wonders in stimulating your partner!

3) Stamina - Not only are there exercises to increase penis size, you can also work on your stamina and "staying power". There is no point in having the penis of your dreams if it is unable to perform. Once again exercising your member can teach you how to control your ejaculations. So no more premature ejaculation! You will also find that after orgasm, you still have the additional stamina to keep going. Very impressive!

The main reason you may wish to exercise your penis is because it is, in my opinion, the best way to increase penis size naturally. However, as you can see there is so much that you can achieve!

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