Thursday, 7 January 2010

Want to Naturally Enlarge Your Penis - Exposed! Find Out Exactly What Works and What Doesn't!

One of the main reasons you may wish to naturally enlarge your penis is because of the relationship between your performance in bed and your actual manhood size! Most women will tell you that a small penis is fine, but this does little for the male ego. We associate being a good lover with having a large member and this will explain why so many of us wish to increase penis size!

So which penis enlargement methods don't work?

Some of the best advertised ways to increase penis size come in the form of pills, creams, oils, lotions, patches and pumps. However, none of these techniques will give you a permanent increase in penis size. Many of these products contain certain food supplements or even topical oils that may temporarily give you a bigger erection. As far as a penis pump goes, once again this is only a temporary measure. There will be additional blood pumped into your manhood, thus giving the appearance of an enlarged member.

Which penis enlargement methods do work?

Surgery is still the leading way to increase penis size, but it doesn't come without it's dangers. Surgery involves cutting into the ligaments of your penis. However, cutting too far can cause the penis to drop down and can cause nerve damage and impotence. Not cutting far enough will have no physical effect whatsoever.

This is why many men have opted for a far easier way. Penis exercising is without doubt the number one way to naturally enlarge your penis. Exercising works on the principle of enhancing the 3 main chambers of the penis which hold blood during erections. By stimulating these chambers, you can increase the amount of blood flow throughout your manhood. Certain stretching and "milking type" exercises can also increase both the length and girth of your penis.

The results from penis exercising are permanent. There are numerous exercises to try that not only promote an increase in penis size, but can also make your manhood far stronger, more sensitive and finally give you more stamina! So if you wish to naturally enlarge your penis, in my opinion exercising is the only way to go!

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