Monday, 4 January 2010

Increase Penis Size Naturally - Try This Stunning Free Stretching Exercise to Get a Bigger Penis!

Prior to starting any exercise routine to increase penis size naturally you should always warm-up your manhood. The easiest and most conventional way is known as the hot towel wrap. Soak a towel in warm to hot water and then wring it out. Wrap the towel around your penis (flaccid or erect, it makes no difference). Hold the towel there for a minute and then remove. Repeat this 3-4 times and then wipe your penis dry when complete.

The warm up is an essential part of exercising to increase penis size naturally. It allows increased blood flow throughout your member, which will help to make the surrounding skin slightly more "elastic" and therefore easier to grip. Although there are many exercises for you to try to increase penis size naturally, today i wish to concentrate on the most basic stretch. Use this exercise as part of a set routine and you will see some amazing results.

- You can complete this exercise either standing up or sitting down. Take your flaccid penis in your hand and hold near the head. Don't grip too tightly otherwise you will cut off the circulation that you worked so hard to improve during the warm up stage!

- Stretch your penis out straight in front of you, without causing yourself any discomfort. Aim to hold your penis there for 5 minutes, however, after every minute stretch your penis out a little further.

- Then relax for 60 seconds. During this time you should twirl your penis in an almost helicopter blade like motion. This should get the blood flowing around your manhood once again.

- In order to get a bigger penis, i would suggest that you complete this one stretching exercise 3-4 times per session. However, stretch in a different direction each time. So first to the left, then the right, then straight out in front of you, etc.

- Finally as a cool down, once again pull your penis out in front of you. This time hold for a minute, but every 5-6 seconds perform a tug. Please ensure you are not too aggressive, just a simple pull on your member will suffice.

By following the above steps to get a bigger penis, you are reproducing the same motion used in traction devices or weights systems used to increase penis size. However, this is far safer and a lot less expensive!

Using this stretch exercise, you should start to get a bigger penis within a few weeks, although the results may not seem that impressive and can vary from man to man. If you continue using this stretching exercise, you should notice far more significant results within 3-4 months!

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