Monday, 4 January 2010

Increase Your Penis Size - Have You Ever Considered Natural Penis Enlargement Such As Jelqing?

If you have researched natural penis enlargement for any length of time, the term "jelqing" should be familiar to you. Jelqing exercises are amongst the most common natural penis enlargement techniques practiced today. In this article I wish to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about jelqing as a way to increase penis size.

How does jelqing work to increase penis size?

Jelqing exercises work in 2 different ways. They stretch and lengthen the ligaments of the penis, especially the suspensory ligament. Equally jelqing can help to break-down and then rebuild and expand the soft tissue muscle known as the corpora cavernosa and the corpus spongiosum.

Stretching the ligaments of the body is not a new thing. The "Giraffe Women" of the Padaung tribe of Myanmar have been practising the art of ligament stretching for years. These women are well known for their extremely extended necks! From a very early age the women attach metal coils around their necks. As they get older and bigger, more coils are added. There are many of the women who have necks in excess of 10 inches long!

What's the best exercise if I wish to increase my penis length?

This would have to be the tension stretch. This exercise involves stretching the penis away from the body and rotating it around. By rotating and circling while stretching the penis, you will stretch every single ligament located around your manhood without ever cutting off the blood circulation.

What's the best exercise if I wish to increase my girth?

Jelqing is great for beginners when looking to increase penis size and especially girth, however the more advanced you become at penile exercise, the less effective you may find the jelq. Possibly the best exercise for girth expansion will be tunica squeezes. The tunica is elasticated-like casing that surrounds the penis. This exercise involves squeezing the penis with both hands. One hand from the base and the other from the top of the penis. This will help the spongy tissues of the penis to expand and the tunica to stretch.

Please remember that jelqing, just as with any other natural penis enlargement method requires you to treat your penis with care and always ensure you use correct exercise technique. By following a good exercise routine as per the instructions you can avoid discomfort or injury as well as an increase in penis size!

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