Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Increase Penis Size - 6 Key Positive Physiological Indicators to Spot When You Exercise Your Penis!

After reading other people's success stories and from my own experiences, I have come to the conclusion there are certain physiologic indicators to look out for when you exercise your penis. These indicators can come in the form of positive, negative or neutral signs. In this article I wish to concentrate on the positive physiological indicators to look out for when exercising to increase penis size.

1) You should notice that your flaccid manhood appears larger and literally "hangs" all day long. Often when you exercise to increase penis size, you will notice an immediate improvement. However as the day goes on and your member relaxes more, it contracts to it's normal size. The longer your flaccid penis stays larger throughout the day, the more improvement you are showing.

2) A very positive sign is that you appear to have an increased amount of erections in the morning and at night. It's a well known fact that the majority of men awake most mornings with an erection. However, this is a positive sign. If you are having increased erections, it shows that the exercises you are carrying out on your penis are working!

3) Your erections should be getting much harder. As well as an increase in penis size, many exercises will concentrate on strength and stamina. This is an integral part of your workout, as there is no point in having a massive manhood if it is unable to do the job that it is intended to do!

4) One of the best physiological indicators that exercising your penis produces is it is far easier to achieve an erection. No more embarrassing moments, when you cannot coax your manhood to become erect. You should literally be able to produce an erection on demand.

5) I guess the most obvious indicator that the exercise your penis is getting is working is an increase from normal penis size. Should you follow a good routine, you should start to notice initial growth within the first month. It may be a very small gain, but it is still a positive step in the right direction.

6) When exercising to increase penis size, an added bonus is that you should feel far more horny and sexually aroused. A problem that many men suffer when they believe that their penis is too small is that they shun away from sexual encounters and can become almost "frigid". Continue to exercise your penis and you should notice that you feel far more frisky!

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