Monday, 4 January 2010

Exposed! Natural Penis Enlargement Exercise May Cause You Some Extremely Serious Injuries!

Although exercising is considered the safest and most natural way to increase penis size, you should be fully aware of when and when not to use natural penis enlargement exercises. I would suggest you consult a urologist prior to starting a penis enlargement exercise program, should you suffer from any of the following:

- Advanced diabetes

- Cirrhosis

- Respiratory problems

Basically any disease that can alter your blood circulation or the oxygenation of your blood or can effect the regeneration or re-growth of tissues. There are additionally certain symptoms you should always keep an eye out for when practising penis enlargement exercises:

- Blisters are caused by applying too much pressure to your manhood. Yes you need to be firm, but you also need to be sensible. Always ensure that you never overdo any exercises to increase penis size.

- Red sores can appear when you have over-stretched your manhood. If you do see them, hold off from doing any further exercises until they have completely disappeared.

- Some exercises may involve the use of some additional resistance or weights. Too much weight or resistance can cause nerve inflammation. This can be fairly serious once the penis starts to swell. If the swelling does not stop, you may find that this causes the penises muscle tissue to literally "fade away". This could result in you never being able to produce another erection.

- Another cause for concern can be a "fuzzy penis". This often comes hand in hand with the red sores, when the penis has been under prolonged tension. The fuzziness is actually dead skin surrounding your penis.

As you can see there are certain disadvantages to exercising to increase penis size. However, i cannot stress this enough, this is usually due to impatience, incorrect technique or just being overly aggressive and not following a recommended natural penis enlargement exercise program.

Any exercise program, whether for your penis or any other body part can be dangerous if you don't know what you are doing. I still fully support penis exercising as the best way to increase penis size, BUT please make sure you follow proper expert advice before you do yourself a serious injury!

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